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Town of Harmony Zoning and Permits

The Town of Harmony is a zoned township. Zoning districts and definitions as well as permitted and conditional uses can be found in the Zoning Ordinance:

Fees for permits, including Site Permits and Residential and Commercial Building Permits can be found in the Zoning Ordinance Fee Schedule:

Fire Number Application:
Vernon County requires one Fire Number sign for each occupied dwelling on a shared driveway (please note, each dwelling must have a Fire Number at the Driveway entrance AND at the dwelling).

To request a new Fire Number sign fill out Section I of the permit, then contact Pete Strachan: (608) 689-2445. He will forward the information to Vernon County for sign creation.

If you are requesting a replacement for an existing sign, contact Brenda Hass: (608) 483-2447.

Permit Applications:

A Building Permit is required for all new residential dwellings. This permit and fee is separate from the permits and fees required to be issued under other State Regulators / Regulations or administration of the Uniform Dwelling Code.

Any land being sold needs to be zoned appropriately before the sale of said land. The fee for rezoning is $500.00.

A new driveway site must be inspected for safe roadway access and safe manageable grade.

Pete Strachan is the Zoning Administrator.
Please contact him with questions or permit inspections - phone: (608) 689-2445.

Jim Theler is also available to answer zoning questions - phone: (608) 483-3288.