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Fall Partisan Primary August 14, 2018

Partisan Offices on the Ballot:
U.S. Senator
U.S. Representative
Odd-numbered Wisconsin State Senate seats
All Wisconsin Assembly seats.

County offices up for election:
Clerk of Circuit Court
Coroner (where applicable)

Some things you should know (from the Wisconsin Elections Commission web page):

Voters may only vote for candidates of one party in the partisan primary.

Some voters think that they can vote for any candidate in a primary election, but this has not been the case since 1905, when Wisconsin went to a system of partisan primaries.

“Unlike the November General Election, the Partisan Primary in August is for voters to nominate who they would like to move on to the November election,” said Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel of the G.A.B. “But the law says voters can only participate in one party’s primary.”

Elections Division Administrator Michael Haas reminds voters that if your municipality has electronic voting equipment, it is programed to reject ballots with crossover votes. “If you make a mistake and vote in multiple parties, ask a poll worker for a new ballot. You may do this up to three times,” Haas said.

Voters do not have to show a photo ID to receive a primary ballot on August 12.

Even though the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently ruled that the state’s Voter Photo ID Law is constitutional, there is a separate federal court order blocking it. Any Wisconsin election official who requests a photo ID from a voter in order to receive a ballot would violate that federal court order.

Wisconsin’s Attorney General has announced that he plans to seek reinstatement of Voter Photo ID in a federal appeals court, but such a reversal is extremely unlikely for the August 12 Partisan Primary, Kennedy said.

“If the federal court order blocking the Voter Photo ID Law is overturned before the November 4 General Election, the G.A.B. will notify the public and local election officials,” Kennedy said.

For more information about the current state of the Voter Photo ID Law, visit the G.A.B. website:

To find your district: "What's on My Ballot"